500ml Fish Sauce with 60% protein


Process of producing high protein fish sauce according to the invention

Material inspection: Amino-protein ratio of total protein> = 50%

Stage: Within 30 minutes, the temperature gradually increased to 60 oC, her pressure gradually lowered to 550-650 mmHg. Then keep the above conditions for 8 – 20 hours.

Cooling: The fish sauce was passed through at least four cooling water baths, which had a temperature dropping from 50 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Filtering stage: The fish sauce was cooled to pass through at least 4 filter membranes with filter size decreasing from 50μm to 0.5μm.

Product Features: Reddish-brown transparent cockroach, light aroma, strong taste.

Bucket style:

500ml x 12 bottles / carton.

250ml x 20 bottles / carton.

50ml x 12 bottles x 10 boxes / carton.

50ml x 10 bottles x 10 cyclones.


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